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How To Read Sexual Body Language

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Men and women use more than words to communicate. They use every part of their bodies to convey their intentions and their interests. In fact, experts agree that 75 percent of communication occurs through nonverbal cues or what people call the body language while only 25 percent are being said out loud.

There are however times when you or other people around you will be sending mixed signals wherein what they verbally say do not match what their body language is saying. Some even exhibit contradictory nonverbal signals.

There are a few body language cues that signal a sexual attraction and a need to get to know a person even further. Knowing each one and understanding what each means can help you a lot in dealing with the opposite sex.

Wetting the lips
In all appearances, this classic sexual body language might just be a nervous gesture or an action of necessity with having really dry lips but ask this, why did the person become nervous and why did the lips dry. The mouth is a very sexual part of the body and basically, wetting the lips or any tongue movement is a sexual body language that conveys attraction and interest. This is especially through with women who may feel the sexual tension and would most likely ease it through wetting their lips.

Playing with the shoes
This is another female sexual body language that every man should know about. When sexually attracted to somebody, women will unconsciously relax their stance when seated and will play with their shoes. Some will dangle their shoes by the tip of their toes while other will unconsciously touch the back of their feet. Some will even gently thrust their foot in and out of the shoe.

Touching the edge of a glass
Another classic feminine sexual body language, women who are sexually attracted will unconsciously pet the rim of their wine glasses. They need not be holding a glass for you to recognize this particular sexual body language. Women at this state will actually be more touchy. They would gently caress any object they are holding at that time. Long gentle strokes indicate an intrinsic calmness and self-control while more aggressive, “beating” movements indicate impatience and tension.

Male stance
Men do also have their share of sexual body language signals. One of the classic sexual body language in men is what is often called the cowboy stance wherein they will hook their thumbs under the belt, turns his body towards the woman he likes and pushes their foot forward. Another sexual body language that men unconsciously make is the leaning stance where they will put their hands above a woman’s head on the wall while “leaning.”

Business with the hair
Men and women are actually guilty of this particular sexual body language. Women use it more to flirt and to convey their interest while men unconsciously do it when feeling some sexual tension or when they just want to preen.

Women have a lot of variations of this sexual body language. They toss their hair, run their fingers through the strands or just basically touches it. Experts believe that when a woman does this, she is actually trying to call attention to herself. The way she touches also reveals whether the meaning of this sexual body language is positive or negative. Slow will indicate interest while quick nervy movements disclose impatience and embarrassment.


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