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How To Seduce Your Friend's Mom

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Are you wondering how to seduce your friend's mom? Is she so smoking hot that all you can think about is getting in her pants? Remember that just because you find your friend's mom attractive does not mean she feels the same way. Carefully consider the situation before making a move. A seduction of your friend's mom may work out in the end, but it's best to think about the ramifications first.

1. Age difference. The first thing to consider when trying to seduce your friend's mom is the age difference. How old is she? Age is truly a state of mind, but at the end of the day, it can make a difference in how things turn out. Even if she's willing to be seduced now, what if the relationship becomes serious? Will you find her attractive when she's 60 and you're 40? Another consideration is that you might be a buff twenty year old, but that doesn't mean she finds you attractive. She may see you as cute, but immature.
2. Marital status. Is she married? This bears mentioning because if she is, it might be easier for you to have a stab at seducing your friend's mom. Many married women are lonely and frustrated, especially if they have an absent husband. Strike while the iron is hot, if you dare. She might take you up on the offer. Married women are ideal because they keep secrets and know how to play the seduction game.

# Legality. Make sure that you are within your legal right to have sex with an older woman. If you're eighteen or older, it's okay to go ahead with the seduction of your friend's mom. If you're younger, it's best to wait until you are of legal age before making any moves. After all, you don't want the woman you desire going to prison, do you? This aspect is a downer, but can be a factor in why you don't want to seduce your friend's mom until you are older.
# Your friend's feelings. Be sure to consider your friend's feeling when thinking about how to seduce your friend's mother. If your friendship is important, it may not be worth risking. However, you can feel your friend out by telling him that his mom is hot and see how he reacts. Of course, saying that his mom is a hottie and acting upon your urges are two completely different things.
# Keeping secrets. Can you keep a secret? Hopefully you've honed this technique because if you want to seduce your friend's mom, that's information best kept to yourself. However, both you and your friend's mom are probably looking for a few hooks up rather than long term. This is not a conquest you can brag to your friends about. Keep your lips sealed and you're more likely to get what you want.


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