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How to Seduce a Woman Into Bed

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One of the most toughest jobs on this planet is to seduce a lady into bed. Women are highly protective of themselves especially when it comes to big issues like sleeping with someone. Therefore it's very hard to get a woman into bed until and unless you know what is suppose to be done. You might be going out or dating her but it does not guarantee that she would sleep with you. Women are way to sensitive regarding sexual issues therefore you need to take the slow approach. Read on to find out some of the best secrets of seduction and achieve success with women.

Look at it from her perspective- For women sleeping with someone is not all about just doing the main act rather it's about feeling loved, protected and relaxed. A woman would not even consider you for such a thing if she does not feel protected around you. Women only give in when they feel relaxed and emotionally attached with someone. Therefore it is very important to connect to them on an emotional level.

Romance- If you are not romantic than forget your chances with a woman in bed. Romance is an integral part of life for women and they need it every step of the way. Being romantic doubles your chances of scoring with them in bed. Therefore learn the art of romance before you consider other things.

Feel good factor- This is one of the best ways to seduce a woman into bed. Women generally like to stay around guys who make them feel good being the way they are and comfortable. So make it a point to compliment her occasionally and make her feel good about herself.

Give her a foot message- This is probably the best way you can seduce her into bed. When physical contact is involved your chances almost triple as women open up to you physically. The next thing you need to do is to keep the message gentle and rhythmic which would most probably energize her gentle spots. And slowly and steadily work your way up.

Communication and connection- Communication is the best key to scoring with women in bed. Communicate thoroughly and let the talk's flow where you end up with a common connection. The more you connect the better your chances are going to be.


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