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How To Arouse A Woman's Sex Drive

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How To Arouse A Woman's Sex Drive

By: Karsun

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It can be very important to learn about how to arouse a woman's sex drive. Often, you can find yourself in a situation where nothing seems to work but there is always a way to arouse a woman's sex drive so that you can enjoy love making together and be in a healthy sexual relationship. Here are a few tips to learn about how to arouse a woman's sex drive.

  1. Stimulate her mind. Women like their mind stimulated as well as their sex drive so it is important to say and do things that stimulate her mind as well as her body. Talk dirty to her but start slow to feel out how she reacts. Introduce porn into your relationship but again, go slow. Until you know how she will react then it is good to start out tentative and careful.
  2. Make her feel sexy. This can seem like a "given" but that is not always true. In knowing how to arouse a woman's sex drive the first thing to know is that she wants to feel wanted and sexy. Compliment how she looks and let her know that she turns you on. You might think she already knows this but even if so, she'll love hearing it.
  3. Take it slow. Sex isn't a race so why would you want to hurry through it? Take your time to make her feel good by using foreplay. A certain light touch to her face, arms or hands can send a thrill into her body that perks up her sex drive even if you use this move under the pretenses of no sex at all. In some cases, that light touch can be the start of so much more.
  4. Make her feel special. Women typically want to know that she's number one in your life and using words of love and caring can help you out in arousing her sex drive. If she is your true love, let her know by looking into her eyes and telling her. You'll be surprised at how much this can make a difference.
  5. Use romance. Romance can sometimes seem like a cliche but it can really set the mood if you pay attention to details. If you're having dinner together put on some romantic music that you both like or use candles to light the room. If you plan to go out, make it a special night by taking a walk on the beach or somewhere equally romantic. Just the right mood alone can sometimes make the difference in how a woman reacts to your advances.

Some of the tips on how to arouse a woman's sex drive may seem like ones you've heard before but stop and think about them and let them sink in. These are tips that can really help no matter how simple they seem. A lot of a woman's sex drive is based in thought and feelings and by stimulating these thoughts and feelings you can be more successful in arousing a woman's sex drive.


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